Marijuana is still prohibited in Florida however, the law provides that citizens are still allowed to have a just defense, and this takes account of both legal and illegal citizens. It appears that all people hold an attitude towards the issue and very few people are still in different about whether or not marijuana should be made legal. Some advocate the authorization of recreational marijuana while some are of the opinion that it should only be legalized for medical purposes; others think that marijuana isn’t just harmful, but also leads users to experimenting on other more hazardous drugs.

Despite the fact that there are prospective number of uses for marijuana as medicine as well as constant research the substance has been out lawed by the U.S. laws to be a Schedule 1 controlled substance. Limited research has further made it challenging for supporters of making legal the use of medical marijuana as medicine to seek out for necessary support. Legalizing marijuana in Florida would defend the industry as well as needy patients by giving safe access to quality treatment hence protecting them from legal intervention and permit the state plus local governments to standardize it.

Giving account to the problems affecting the low-THC medical marijuana program, the government may actually require to readdress the matter of medical marijuana. However, for legalization of marijuana for recreational use may take more time, but with Colorado and Washington States allowing the very firstlegalization laws, and with electionsdisplayingthat a greater percentage of Americans rule in favor of legalization of marijuana. Mostpeople view it as a matter of time till complete authorization is attained. In addition, Floridians are prepared to spend lots of money to facilitate the voting of medical marijuana, it is clear the fight to allow medical marijuana in Florida isn’t over yet.

With marijuana still illegal, it can attracthefty penalties if one is found in possession of it. Some penalties like for non-inherent citizensthat if a police officer stops such a driver and the slightest quantity of marijuana is found the car, he/she can be deported even before they are found guilty of felony possession. The consequences of deportation can be very overwhelming, especially to relations.

Even though we oughtto be able to depend on the 4THAmendment to defend us during such situations, the Florida Supreme Court has defined that if a police officershould state that he smells marijuana when in a traffic break or if he realizesany drug bits and pieces in the vehicle, he has probable cause to conduct a search. Additionallythe fact is that if the officerseeks permission to search your car and you decline, it institutes probable cause according to the law.

However, legalization of marijuana in the Florida is unavoidable. This is because previous elections have shown most supporters give vote to an Amendment 2-style legalized medical marijuana system. More so, the votes were almost the 60% mark necessary to modify the constitution governing the use of marijuana during last year’s elections. The subsequent elections might just surprise us all as the judgment on whether to legalize marijuana will yet again be dependent on the Florida state legislature to authorize the choice of the voters.