Florida is one of the US states that has stood firm as far as marijuana is concerned. While the federal government prohibits cultivation, possession and use of any form of cannabis, more than 20 US states have legalized some form of marijuana. US States such as Oregon, Alaska, Washington and Colorado have enacted laws over the last few years that allow the use of marijuana for medicinal and even recreational purposes. Federal agencies are yet to prosecute minor marijuana offenders in these states but the federal government could still overrule any state marijuana laws if they find out a criminal organization is benefiting from the amendments in place.

Florida has always been on the forefront when it comes to war against drug trafficking and abuse. Its climate make it an ideal place to cultivate marijuana, however that could land any farmer jail time as well as mandatory penalties. For more than a decade now, state troopers and local police departments have spent a lot of money and time to bring down cannabis growing sites in the Sunshine State. Most of marijuana growing is indoor thus making it difficult for law enforcement agencies to spot them.

In November, 2014, the United for Care was able to put forward a medical marijuana initiative in the ballot but was unable to gain enough support for medical marijuana to be legalized. However, the Florida medical marijuana ballot initiative created a platform on which marijuana campaign groups have pushed on to legalize medical marijuana in Florida.

Currently, it is illegal to grow any marijuana plant in Florida even if it is meant for medical use. However, majority of Floridians support the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes at least. In 2015, ‘right to try’ law was passed enabling terminally ill patient access alternative treatments including marijuana. This is seen as a big step towards legalizing growing and use of marijuana in the state and could come as a relief to many Florida residents who have had enough of the ongoing drug war that have claims lives of friends and families.

Florida has an ideal climate that could support marijuana growing, hence it has become a top marijuana growing state with a lot of illegal cannabis growing sites all over the state. However, medical marijuana legalization will enable marijuana farmers to grow the plant legally without being afraid of facing mandatory fines and imprisonment.

United for Care being led by John Morgan have made Florida medical marijuana ballot initiative a reality and gave hope to Florida residents who support medical marijuana legalization and decriminalization. It may be illegal to grow marijuana plants in the sunshine state today, but it won’t be long before farmers are allowed to cultivate several cannabis plants for medical use.

Several farmers have already come forward and even applied to the state government to gain licensure for growing medical marijuana. At the moment, they are waiting to know if they will be chosen to grow the plant and sell cannabis to terminally ill patient with cancer and epilepsy.