The hype has been on ever since Florida legalized the usage of marijuana as a form of medical aid to common conditions like epilepsy among kids, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, cancer and many more. After getting majority of votes, the state’s court has finally allowed the licensing of various distributors to have the item used by approved patients.

But what’s really with this Florida marijuana growing license trend and how beneficial are they to the general public? Today we have compiled some of the most common issues associated with this ruling. Have a quick look.

Who and When Can Someone Use Marijuana to Address His/Her Medical Condition?

Anyone who receives an identification card from a licensed doctor is allowed to use marijuana for medications. It can be used starting from the day when it was implemented. Having the identification is a proof that the person has undergone the necessary checks and is permitted to use specific amounts.

What exact dosage is the patient allowed to take?

Florida’s department of health may have agreed on this usage. But this is not considered by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a generic kind of medicine. Therefore, there isn’t any prescribed standard of the appropriate dosage that one should take. It will all have to be agreed by the DOH. However, patients are always welcome to appeal in case they feel the need to increase the current level that they are taking.

Where can you get legally approved medical marijuana?

The state has licensed certain dispensaries which they term as ‘Medical treatment centers’. These are places that are widely monitored by the DOH for regular operations. These are also the only places where you can get the item. Choosing to grow your own cannabis plant is still illegal.

Is there any kind of age limit for this usage?

Current policies governing this do not set any kind of limits. Anyone who have a certain condition and is given the right identification can avail of it. However, kids or minors might be required to have a parental consent before anything can be considered valid.

Can this be used legally even at schools and at work?

Under the ruling, schools and companies can set their own policies in prohibiting its usage – at least on site. To ensure that you do not have any issues with have a positive result in drug test, it may be best on your part if you first inform your school administration or company about the treatment that you are getting.

Would personal information about having the ID be provided publicly?

Under the current rule of the Department of Health, personal profile of those who were given IDs will remain confidential. It cannot be accessed by just anyone even by employers. However, there could be some exceptions especially when valid medical or legal procedures will demand it.

Will driving under the influence of medical marijuana considered illegal?

Yes. This ruling does not change the law against it. This is exactly why only the ‘fit’ amount is given to persons so as not to affect their abilities to think and maintain healthy consciousness.

If you have additional specific things that you want addressed, you can always contact the DOH or go to the appropriate authorities governing it.