The path to legalize medical marijuana has been an unending journey nonetheless it hasn’t discouraged supporters and recreational marijuana may end upon same road .Withthe proposed constitutional amendments set to legalize it, if voted in by supporters in the November 2016 elections. As at September 2015, there were 3 main petitions circulating that wouldmake an effort to acquire recreational marijuana a position on the ballot for 2016 elections. The organizers who are making these efforts possible are supposed to gather approximately 683,000 valid signature at least on each one of their particular petitions in order to receive a position on the ballot and this is earned after approval given by the Florida Division of Elections.

The first petition aims to legalize recreational marijuana for use by citizens who are 18 years old and above. 18 years is on the lower side as compared the four states that already have recreational marijuana laws set. The second petition targets to legalize recreational marijuana for Floridianswho are 21 years and above. However, this petition merelyconfers the cultivation, use and possession of marijuana which leaves all regulations unresolved.The third petition is more dynamic and comprehensive of the three. It is referred to as The Florida Cannabis Act.

The four-page recommended constitutional amendment petition intends to put in place laws that are parallel to the limitations set up in Colorado and Washington states. Recreational marijuana would be made legal for use by citizens of 21 years and above just like alcohol. It would in additionallow possession of equal to an ounce at a time and make legal cultivation of 6 marijuana plants per household. It would legalize only 3 marijuana plants to be matured or flower, and only those peoplewho hold retail licenses could trade marijuana.

Despite all this, adults would still not be allowed to drive under the influence of marijuana and hence wouldn’t necessitate employers to authorize or put up with its use. The amendment is also specific that it wouldn’t limit state authority from taxing marijuana and counties would still be able to legislate regulations on where marijuana facilities of trade would still work under counties jurisdictions.

If this third petition gathers enough valid signatures by the February deadline fixed, the states’ attorney general would appealfor aconsultativeverdict from the Florida Supreme Court in order to determine if the language of the ballot initiativewould have weight on legislated medical marijuana requirements.More so, if the anticipated amendment get past those steps to get a position on the November 2016 election ballot, the 60 % vote would still be necessary for the petition to become an amendment to the constitution.

Other thanthe three petitions to facilitate the constitutional amendments to legalize marijuana use, United for Care has also since January 2015 been circulating a petition for medical marijuana approval and the organization was able to gather 43,000approved signatures, and still numerous signatures yet to be approved. It might be a while till recreational marijuana gets approval but with the votes it might be a short journey too.