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Getting Florida Marijuana Growing License

The State of Florida is among the last states in US to legalize the use of medical marijuana. In Florida, the local, county, and state marijuana laws vary. The only similarity in these laws is that anyone who is imprisoned over marijuana possession may face penalties/fines, forced to take up drug education or put in a rehabilitation centre.

In some states like California, one only needs to possess a Medical Marijuana Identification Card to acquire a marijuana growing license or avoid being charged for possession of a small amount of Marijuana. This is quite different in the State of Florida where major amendments have been included in the marijuana laws limiting possession or use of marijuana for recreational purposes. However, one can defend themselves on necessity defense grounds. You have to get legislative approval or be apprehended and face charges in court.

Getting a Florida Marijuana Growing License doesn’t mean that you get the all clear to grow marijuana without breaking the law. Doctors, growers, distributors and sellers tend to believe that getting this growing license gives them the ability to do anything. This is quite not the case; one must comply with the strict guidelines even when they have been issued this license. The Florida laws and regulations that govern medical marijuana must be obeyed accordingly or face civil fines and penalties. These marijuana laws preside over marijuana production, processing, premises, records management and sales. One must make sure they comply with these marijuana laws plus other key regulations that affect decriminalization of medical marijuana.